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Does Your Libero Have the "It" Factor? [ARTICLE]

by AVCA - Coaching Volleyball Magazine on

Some Volleyball players are born with "It." Others have "It" thrust upon them. Indeed, most coaches know "It" when they see "It." When it comes to the...... Continue

Promoting Positive Gym Culture [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Many years ago, while sitting on a plane for almost two hours readying for takeoff from Istanbul, Turkey (I had spoken at...... Continue

Nebraska Captures NCAA Crown With Four-Set in Over Florida [ARTICLE]

by on

Mikaela Foecke got the back bump set from libero Kenzie Maloney, went up, and blasted her final swing of the match high...... Continue

Setting Drills [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Setters are responsible for feeding the ball to the offensive players for termination. Setters can also terminate the ball...... Continue

Critical Reflection [ARTICLE[

by Human Kinetics on

Unlike reflective practice, critical reflection is not focused on solving a specific problem. Critical reflection is used more sparingly, but...... Continue

Characteristics of a Setter [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

No two setters are exactly alike, but when we are evaluating setters, we find it useful to examine certain characteristics we feel are most important.... Continue

Top 7 Teams Stay the Same in This Week's Mid-Major Poll [ARTICLE]

by on

Top seven teams - BYU, San Diego, Cal Poly, Creighton, Western Kentucky, Wichita State and Colorado State - stayed the same in this week's...... Continue

Outside-Hitter Transitional Pepper Drill [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

This structured drill works on every aspect of outside hitting. It's a great conditioning drill for the outsides because they must transition hard. Defenders...... Continue

Multi-Ball Drills for Mental and Physical Development [ARTICLE]

by American Volleyball Coaches Association on

Before I arrived at Bradley, I was a club director and high school coach in Indianapolis. I was always on the lookout for creative ways to stress our athletes...... Continue

Across the Net Crossfire / Pepper Progression [ARTICLE]

by American Volleyball Coaches Association on

Often when teaching hitting mechanics, we spend our time on approach footwork and angles, getting into a good load position, keeping the ball in front...... Continue