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Positional Training [ARTICLE]

by AVCA - Coaching Volleyball Magazine on

As coaches we continue to maximize our limited criteria for practices. As teams are starting or ending spring/fall training, coaches have to focus a lot on positional...... Continue

Are Elite Camps a Thing of the Past? [ARTICLE]

by AVCA on

While working a club camp does not count as recruiting, no one can deny that being on court with recruits is exposure you may not otherwise get. Many clubs have multi-day elite camps, where college coaches are...... Continue

Putting Volleyball Parents to Work as Recovery Coaches [ARTICLE]

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Attend any club director's meeting and on the top of the agenda is how to work/deal with parents. Helicopter parents always hover, questioning and watching every move the coach makes. Rather than...... Continue

Teaching Players How to Read [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

I wanted to walk into the local volleyball superstore and purchase a user manual to teach reading. I quickly found out nothing like that existed: neither the store nor the manual. Without any professional literature on the topic, it seemed...... Continue

The Importance Of Vision Training to Improve Sports Performance [ARTICLE]

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The great volleyball players make the game look easy because they have vision. They can read both the opponents and their teammates, with a solid understanding of eye sequencing and peripheral awareness to be ahead of the play. Indeed, we can't...... Continue

Dynamic Duo: The Setter-Coach Relationship [ARTICLE]

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Let's begin at the beginning. Other than my father (Dennis Berg), Charlie Wade and Dave Shoji were the two coaches who taught me to play volleyball. I was the one who was always playing up — the 14-year old playing with the 16s. At the time, these...... Continue

Volleyball Try-Out Drill Ideas [ARTICLE]

by Coaching Volleyball on

Running volleyball try-outs is obviously about assessing players. Oftentimes, however, it’s also a question of managing a large number of players. If you don’t have to manage a lot of players you can run virtually a regular training session which...... Continue

Volleyball Recruiting: Searching for More Than Talent [ARTICLE]

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"Play as much as possible." That's what most volleyball recruits think college coaches want them to do before they make it to the next level. But in the eyes of a recruiting college volleyball coach, recruits should be doing many other things—... Continue

Expecting Greatness [ARTICLE]

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Being pregnant during season was great! All my cravings were fulfilled: from buffet for breakfast (right up my alley) to dessert for dinner ("I am having a craving!"). On a serious note, I had great role models like my mother, my high school coach...... Continue

Team Building Drill - All Aboard [ARTICLE]

by AVCA on

Activity: Using a plyometric jump box (or any approximately 2' x 2' plywood box), have your team get each member of the team up on the box. Each team member must have one foot on the box and last the length it takes them to sing a song, such as...... Continue