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Coaching from a solutions perspective [ARTICLE]

by Coaching Volleyball on

In my personal opinion, among the best sessions of the HP Coaches Clinic I attended was the one featuring Julio Velasco. Although it was presented on the court, it wasn't actually one which featured drills or games or anything like that. It was...... Continue

Transition Drills [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Transitions in volleyball include the time spent moving from one skill to another and moving from defense to offense and back. A successful volleyball team practices transitions regularly, gaining precision and speed. Every player must know where...... Continue

Know Your Opponent [ARTICLE]

by AVCA - Coaching Volleyball Magazine on

Creating scouting reports starts with remembering that the purpose is to provide a competitive edge over your opponent. This starts by playing competitively with the opponent. For instance, it does not matter what you want run offensively in your...... Continue

Evaluating Technical and Tactical Skills [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Volleyball is the ultimate team sport. Players need to master many technical skills and know how to apply those skills in tactical situations. Most of the focus in team practices and individual training sessions is on the development and...... Continue

Big Picture Thinking [ARTICLE]

by AVCA - Coaching Volleyball Magazine on

First, some definitions: volleyball skills include spiking, blocking, setting, passing, etc. Athletic skills include power, strength/stability, agility, quick movement, mobility, etc. The two are joined at the hip. You can improve a volleyball...... Continue

Volleyball: Reading Your Future [ARTICLE]

by AVCA - Coaching Volleyball Magazine on

HAVE YOU EVER been to a sporting event and were just amazed at an athlete's ability to react to a situation under extreme time constraints? The soccer goalie's ability to block a penalty kick, the tennis player's ability to return a serve, or the...... Continue

The Out-of-System Offense [ARTICLE]

by AVCA - Coaching Volleyball Magazine on

During the last two summers with the U.S. Men's National Team, I was impressed with the velocity of the serves on the international level. What may have been even more impressive to me were the abilities of attackers to hit their way out of the...... Continue

"Leadership Through Team" [ARTICLE]

by AVCA - Coaching Volleyball Magazine on

Inception The whole thing started in my earlier days as a coach when we figured out, as every coach does, that in order to have a strong team environment, we would need to have strong leaders. This was a hit-and-miss proposition at best, in that...... Continue

Fast-Tempo Strategy [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

The fast-tempo strategy incorporates fast, low-arching quicker sets to various zones along the net. This style of play can be a variation of the spread offense, but the fast-tempo can be employed no matter what offense a team is using. Although...... Continue

Thinking Critically About Calling a Time-out [ARTICLE]

by AVCA - Coaching Volleyball Magazine on

A volleyball coach calls a time-out during a match for a variety of reasons. One of the most routine times to call a time-out is to stop the other team’s “momentum,” such as when the opposing team is scoring a run of points. The thinking is that...... Continue