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Volleyball: Reading Your Future [ARTICLE]

by AVCA - Coaching Volleyball Magazine on

HAVE YOU EVER been to a sporting event and were just amazed at an athlete's ability to react to a situation under extreme time constraints? The soccer goalie's ability to block a penalty kick, the tennis player's ability to return a serve, or the...... Continue

The Out-of-System Offense [ARTICLE]

by AVCA - Coaching Volleyball Magazine on

During the last two summers with the U.S. Men's National Team, I was impressed with the velocity of the serves on the international level. What may have been even more impressive to me were the abilities of attackers to hit their way out of the...... Continue

"Leadership Through Team" [ARTICLE]

by AVCA - Coaching Volleyball Magazine on

Inception The whole thing started in my earlier days as a coach when we figured out, as every coach does, that in order to have a strong team environment, we would need to have strong leaders. This was a hit-and-miss proposition at best, in that...... Continue

Fast-Tempo Strategy [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

The fast-tempo strategy incorporates fast, low-arching quicker sets to various zones along the net. This style of play can be a variation of the spread offense, but the fast-tempo can be employed no matter what offense a team is using. Although...... Continue

Thinking Critically About Calling a Time-out [ARTICLE]

by AVCA - Coaching Volleyball Magazine on

A volleyball coach calls a time-out during a match for a variety of reasons. One of the most routine times to call a time-out is to stop the other team’s “momentum,” such as when the opposing team is scoring a run of points. The thinking is that...... Continue

Deliberate Practice [ARTICLE]


As coaches we have all seen the famous quote "practice makes perfect". That quote was then prominently modified to "perfect practices, makes perfect". Though both are great motivating statements and fundamentally true, the focus of this article is...... Continue

Create a Championship Atmosphere with Focus, Motivation, and Fun in Practice [ARTICLE]

by Peak Volleyball on

The first key in developing a championship atmosphere is to convert as many drills as possible into games. The mentality of team members working through drills is to get it over with or just finish it. The athletes' outlook is quite different when...... Continue

Coaching Great Players into Great Teams [ARTICLE]

by AVCA on

When I coached the women's volleyball team at Stanford University, many people automatically thought that as a coach you just recruited the best athletes, you rolled out the balls, and, if you're smart, you stayed out of the way. In some cases you...... Continue

A New Coaching Education Initiative [ARTICLE]

by AVCA on

Performance Conditioning Volleyball is celebrating our 20th year as being the "Official Licensed Publication" of the American Volleyball Coaches Association. We are truly grateful for this long-standing relationship and providing the very best...... Continue

Creating Team Trust [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

The trusting person does the right thing even when no one is watching. Trust means doing what you are supposed to do even when you don't want to do it. Underneath the search for trust in team sports lies a nucleus of trust-enabling...... Continue