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Outside-Hitter Transitional Pepper Drill [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

This structured drill works on every aspect of outside hitting. It's a great conditioning drill for the outsides because they must transition hard. Defenders...... Continue

Across the Net Crossfire / Pepper Progression [ARTICLE]

by American Volleyball Coaches Association on

Often when teaching hitting mechanics, we spend our time on approach footwork and angles, getting into a good load position, keeping the ball in front...... Continue

Connecting Setters and Hitters [ARTICLE]

by The American Volleyball Coaches Association on

How many times have you heard one of your hitters tell your setter to "set me higher," or you see them raise their thumbs when looking at them after the play? Out of all of the communication between your setters and hitters, this is probably the...... Continue

A Drill to Improve Quick Hitting [ARTICLE]

by AVCA on

Statistically, the most efficient attack in Volleyball is the Middle quick set, or "1" ball. A good "1" hitter is an outstanding weapon, especially in transition; therefore the ability to slow down or stop a quick attack, especially with one...... Continue