Outside-Hitter Transitional Pepper Drill [ARTICLE]

Outside-Hitter Transitional Pepper Drill
By: Teri Clemens and Jenny McDowell

Originally Published in: The Volleyball Drill Book

Provided by: Human Kinetics


This structured drill works on every aspect of outside hitting. It's a great conditioning drill for the outsides because they must transition hard. Defenders must set the ball consistently.


To focus on the transition by the outside hitters from their blocking position, to defense, to offense, and to hitting a controlled attack.


A front-row setter, an outside hitter, and a left-back defender set up on side A. A front-row setter, an outside hitter, and a left-back defender set up on side B. A coach is on the sideline on side B with a cart of balls.

Run the Drill

1. The coach enters a free ball to the left back on side A.

2. Players on side A pass, set, and attack the ball crosscourt to the team on side B.

3. Side B digs, sets, and attacks the ball across the net to side A.

4. This cooperative drill continues until 12 attacks across the net have been completed.

5. The setters block the line to make the hitter hit crosscourt.

Coaching Points

• This is not an all-out hitting drill, but players should attack the ball with pace. Hitters should maintain the speed of their approach and adjust the speed of the arm swing.

• Emphasize communication between the outside and left-back defender.

• Alternate the setters so that the outsides have to work with both or all of them.


• Add or decrease the number of successful attacks necessary to complete the drill.

• If players are not completing the drill, set a time limit after which you replace the outsides.

• Integrate tips and roll shots to increase the challenge.


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04 Oct 2017

By Human Kinetics
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