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Forearm Passing - Three Ball Drill - John Kosty - Stanford Univ. [VIDEO]

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Watch as Coach John Kosty explains and players demonstrate this forearm passing - three ball drill. ... Continue

Setting Drills [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

Setters are responsible for feeding the ball to the offensive players for termination. Setters can also terminate the ball...... Continue

Critical Reflection [ARTICLE[

by Human Kinetics on

Unlike reflective practice, critical reflection is not focused on solving a specific problem. Critical reflection is used more sparingly, but...... Continue

Characteristics of a Setter [ARTICLE]

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No two setters are exactly alike, but when we are evaluating setters, we find it useful to examine certain characteristics we feel are most important.... Continue

Top 7 Teams Stay the Same in This Week's Mid-Major Poll [ARTICLE]

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Top seven teams - BYU, San Diego, Cal Poly, Creighton, Western Kentucky, Wichita State and Colorado State - stayed the same in this week's...... Continue

Passing - Platform Skills - Travis Hudson - Western Kentucky Univ. [VIDEO]

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Watch as Coach Travis Hudson explains and a player demonstrates this passing drill that emphasizes using shoulders instead of arms.... Continue

Outside-Hitter Transitional Pepper Drill [ARTICLE]

by Human Kinetics on

This structured drill works on every aspect of outside hitting. It's a great conditioning drill for the outsides because they must transition hard. Defenders...... Continue

Multi-Ball Drills for Mental and Physical Development [ARTICLE]

by American Volleyball Coaches Association on

Before I arrived at Bradley, I was a club director and high school coach in Indianapolis. I was always on the lookout for creative ways to stress our athletes...... Continue

Across the Net Crossfire / Pepper Progression [ARTICLE]

by American Volleyball Coaches Association on

Often when teaching hitting mechanics, we spend our time on approach footwork and angles, getting into a good load position, keeping the ball in front...... Continue

Line and Angle Drill - Silvia Johnson - Metro Volleyball Club [VIDEO]

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Watch as Coach Silvia Johnson explains and players demonstrate the Line and Angle Drill.... Continue